24-hour check-in is available at our Warfield Hotel.

No, we don’t but many top rated restaurants are located in the vicinity of our hotel.

Yes, airport shuttle is available for the guest that is chargeable.

Yes, they are.

You can book easily through our website. You just need to check room availability and do bookings. For any details, you can call our hotel representatives anytime. Book Now

Yes, ATM is available on site at our Hotel Warfield.

No, but paid parking space is available nearby to the hotel.

The various facilities provided at our hotel are work desk, TV, alarm clock, housekeeping etc.

No, our hotel is not pet-friendly.

Refrigerator and microwave are available in the rooms of our hotel.

No, we don’t.

Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi at our hotel.

Yes, we have.

There are various dining options near to the hotel such as The Little Delhi, Tun Lan, Fish and Farm etc.

You can cancel your bookings by talking to one of our hotel representatives on (415) 400-5153.

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Call (415) 400-5153 and speak to front desk agent to reserve your room now.

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